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Supporting growth of report of SMEs in the regions recommendations

These recommendations are a result of a project “Development of SME strategies and its impact on regional SMEs” supported by Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Re-granting Scheme. The project was implemented by Social Strategic Researches and Analytical Investigations Public Union (Azerbaijan) in co-operation with Georgian association “Women in Business”, Centre for Cross-border Cooperation(Ukraine) and Business Union of Latvia. The recommendations are based on the workshop held in Kazakh (Azerbaijan) and series of pilot events held in partner countries with participation of entrepreneurs and local-government representatives. 

The project partners and authors of these recommendations extend their hope that the information gathered in this report will help national and local governments and SME organisations supporting regional SMEs to flourish and therefore become the backbone for further growth of Eastern Partnership countries bringing them closer to
the European Union. However, it should be noted, that there is no panacea for SME growth in regions, no
definite blueprint of the precise measures that each region should take. Each local authority has to define its own priorities for SMEs and implement its own measures, based on an analysis of the situation in the region. Not all the actions proposed in these recommendations can be implemented in all
regions. Some decisions should be taken at the national level. Nonetheless, these recommendations provide a variety of approaches for focusing regional economic policy on the needs of SMEs. And finally, definitely – there are some solutions not included here. Be brave, implement them, share your experience, help others to become better!

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